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The Coin of TROIA

First Sculpted in 2018 at The Artist's Studio in Çanakkale, Turkey (Ancient Troy), after a weekend holiday to the ancient city of Assos, The Original is carved out of a very fragile plaster, that is doubted to survive any shipment or the test of time outside of protective wrapping - so the decision was made to house the piece for personal use - as the work became quite fond of by The Artist it was displayed in The Studio for several years. 


Returning to The States, The Original surprisingly survived the trip back to America, The Artist resumed to keep the work on personal display in his office. After several requests to purchase the wall sculpture, in 2021 The Artist decided to make a mold of the work (risking total destruction of the original sculpture ) so that it may live on forever and also be able to collected by those interested in also having the lucky Coin of Troia in their own homes. 

Two Editions in Concrete  have been made so far, The first in 2021, an edition of Four were Cast - Selling out Quickly. later that year , early 2022, The Artist Cast a very Small Second Edition of only Two Selling out days within Release. 

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