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Manes Ex Vobis

(Ghosts of You)

Will be exhibited at Josephine Skaught Salon, March 2013

'"Manes Ex Vobis (Ghosts of You)", are a sculpture series meant to resemble small totems/icons from a culture lost and forgotten, or perhaps a culture far into the future. 

Each piece an icon symbolizing the self lost and/or gone, or a symbol of a moment in time, memorialized in this totem 

Originally sculpted in clay, then molded and cast in plaster, this is an open series, the first set being a cast run of 30. 

Each piece is unique in it's on way, from its colored, antiqued finish to scratches, markings and pieces removed specifically to each piece, making each one of a kind. 

For more Information or to purchase, please Contact. 

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