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The Moon Whisperers began as a drawing in 'The FABULAS' Ink Drawing set, then as a two sculpture set in 'The FABULAS' Sculpture Collection, to eventually becoming a staple image of the studio.

The mythology and concept behind the Whisperers :   Miniature Totems whispering ones hopes, dreams and aspirations to the heavens, or, in a way, Totem honoring the Mystics and The Power of The Moon. 
The Artists long term dream or goal, would be to one day see large scale totem 
sculptures created for public or personal collectors outdoor display. 

First introduced in 2013, The Whisperers have evolved exponentially over the years. eventually becoming available only on a commission basis. In early 2020 Mellon Returned to The Whisperer's concept introducing several Carved Plaster renditions within The EXODUS Collection. 

In 2021 The Artist returned once more to The Whisperers with a series of Ink Drawings, Oil on Paper works along with several sets of small Paper Mache Whisperers.

2023 brings a new suite of Ten Whisperer Totems, returning to their original materials, of Plaster Cloth and Paster, this time bringing the years of learning new techniques of working with Plaster, the new whisperers are aimed to be the best yet released. 

The Whisperers reside in Private Collections all over the world.

Contact if interested in Commissioning a Whisperer of your Own - for Home or Public Display. 

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