Days Like Today

I completed my latest series of works, 'l i f e & i m m o r t a l i t y', nearly three weeks ago.

I have had a particular idea in mind of a theme and narration for the next series... at one point it seemed clear.. then it became foggy.

After a series like this. . . one that, in my opinion, has been a series that I was able to clearly narrate the story that has been floating through my mind the last year.

After a series like this, it is good to take your time on the next work to come.

I took a moment and went to what seems like me, a past time of studying expressions. Using models from life and finding a unique way to present the expression seen... I made 5 paintings out of this little tangent... pleased enough to make them available to collect in September, here.

While you wait you begin to feel anxiety and agitation that the idea wont smoothly flow out from the void of nothingness into reality.

The anxiety passes.

Fear creeps in.

I like the moments when you are walking and the way light will reflect on the reality laid before you.

I like these moments more when they include nature into its image.

Then there can moments you sit and stare at nothing at all... and the abstract forms of paper on a wall can trigger a flood of ideas.



t o d a y.

You spend weeks wondering how random ideas will mesh together into a much larger concept you have no idea will work a series of paintings.

The usual questions fall into place about if it matters at all in the bigger scheme of things.

And the other questions float around if the work is even relevant at all. Or the fear that it will portray anything you have in mind.

But really, how ever it turns out, thats the way it was supposed to happen.

Maybe the idea is just not good.

And then.

Days like today happen. Time seems a little slow. Your internal chemistry is a bit off... slightly functioning outside the acceptably agreed upon level of consciousness, and you see what you need to see.

The imaginary pictures in your mind and the rough sketchses you've been pondering over finally all stitch themselves together...

but still.

it is still new and days like tomorrow may make you completely aware that todays ideas and revelations were only loosely tied.. and the string has come undone over night.

The full moon is still affecting me.


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