The Earth is Alive

8:59AM: Cool breeze. But, the sun is hot. Humidity in the air. Not too thick, though just enough to make it feel like your body is being encased in some kind of atmospheric capsule. Like a space suit on earth.

Today perhaps we should pretend we are another species visiting this planet.

Or not.

12:45PM: The breezes are getting more intense. Sacrifices to Poseidon or Zeus maybe?

The air feels nice in the studio.

Again another reason to appreciate this heat in the summer:

When the cool air comes, it is an incredible sensation on the body.

I’ve started a second piece to

‘p a r a d i s e o r p u r g a t o r y’.

It begins to make sense now to me the story it will tell.

But we never really know these things until months after they are finished, do we?

The figure in the first piece - i love the red. however, i fell like i can improve on its shading… and tone.. or.. something… some technical term or whatever.

This series has been a difficult one to mull over in the mind. Pondering such things as

‘What is Paradise?’

And, will we really be happy if we are somewhere where everything is perfect. Everything is harmony?

Sounds monotonous. Sounds like purgatory.

Im choosing for now, foliage, and exotic plants… flowers that may or may not exist… calm skies. warm colors.

A sense of rest and reflection.

But it must evolve a bit.

There needs to be more.

The first pieces I started this year to the MMXVII Collection had no definitive series title… they simply exist. Which this was something new for me. The first pieces I simply wanted to express the rough state of mind I was in… sketchy and panicked… These are some of my favorite pieces.

In the past I always worked with individual collections throughout the year. experimenting and expanding different styles and technique.

This year I wanted the story to be the year itself. . . so far I’m incredibly happy with how the work has evolved. Living here in Çanakkale and the events of my life this past year have certainly aged me. And have made me face demons I’ve avoided for years.

I’ve grown.

4:58PM: A bit finished with the second piece today.

Nothing exciting. Don’t feel satisfied with this. Not the painting. I’m really happy with that. Just in general I suppose… need to work on more of these…

The small sizes are great… and now wondering if I should keep them all this size . . . or.

I need more green paint.

Not really looking forward to heading down to the supply store.

The humidity has grown thicker.

The house is quiet except for the birds gossiping about something.

I should really learn how to speak bird.

Maybe I’ll drink wine tonight.

8:10PM: I'm drinking wine.

I've decided I don't like calm, windless days.

Yes a soft breeze is nice. But the wind has returned to the city tonight and it is wonderful.

Of course because of the standard fact that it is cooling the air down...

but it reminds us that the earth is alive.

When the air is stagnant. When it's calm. This is frightening. Like your in a paused moment of time.

The wind. It is beautiful.

Cheers to everyone, anyone that is reading these messages in a bottle... one day they will be words written by some person that lived long ago...



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