We are Bound to The Threads of The Universe


The empty view of nothingness soon became a shade of blue that I have never seen before, merging into an burnt, amber -ish orange color shape… morphing and contorting with this blue. Sort of like a lava lamp.

These colors throbbed in color intensity as they slowly move around my consciousness. Eventually morphing into images that I don’t quite understand.

A Face.

Looks familiar. Is it me? Who is that. I dunno.

An outstretched arm…

Is someone drowning? No…

Then…. white.

There’s something behind me.

What is it.



It’s gone.

My conscious returns to this plane of reality.

…. Meditation is crazy.

Yesterday and today in The Studio, I’ve been listening to Antonio Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’. (https://youtu.be/nbpAFzyrx5o)

Listening in it’s entirety, it really has a calming and relaxing air to it.

The precision and the complexity in classical music, there is really nothing that can compare to it. The last few years in The Studio, I have found myself gravitating to this style of music more and more.

My mind and the world are already filled up with so many words and other peoples thoughts… music such as this is like carbon filter for the world.


As I finished the third painting to the new series,

‘p a r a d i s e o r p u r g a t o r y’, I realized that this series is far from over. As each one is finished so far, I have a need to begin another… I like how the series is developing so far, but the story has yet to even break through.


I remembered an older collection from 2014, ‘The COLOS Collection’, with this collection, I was returning to the study of color. When I first began my career as an artist, in the early days of still learning, I spent months and years recreating old masters works. For a while I was obsessed with Seurat , re-creating countless pieces from his library. A piece from those days actually survived and one of my recreations of Seurat’s hangs in my parents home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not much of my work survived from those days. In 2003 I destroyed everything I had ever done before walking away from the notion of being an artist… This departure of mine lasted for almost 3 years.

In 2013 I discovered an artist by the name of, Rufino Tamayo. I became obsessed with his work (and admittedly still am). I would love to visit his museum one day in Mexico City. ‘The COLOS Collection’, I wanted to pay homage to both of these artist. Implementing a practiced use of color as well as focus on the primitive figures that had become apart of my own style as well as essential to The Master, Tamayo.

As I worked today, I understood, that this new series of works, could not even have been approached, if I had not done these things in the course of my career. They trained me and taught me the methods I would need to execute my ideas in this new work.

Another realization that everything we do, connects to everything we will do. Everything has a reason.

We are bound to the threads of the Universe.

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