a brief story of children

I've been trying to make more of a point to discuss and reveal, I guess can be a good word here, the thought process, central theme and inspiration behind my work. My new collections I am chipping away at for the new year, I seem to be having an easier time verbalizing more so than collections of the past.

I've always maintained - and still do for the most part - I am an entity that thinks, dreams and communicates visually. The written and if you have ever met me, certainly spoken words are simply just not me. My mind travels too fast, I guess. Thinking about too many things at once. Of course, I do love writing, wish I could write more and coherently to translate some stories that swirl up here in my mind onto paper... but I've made peace with the fact I am a painter, a sculptor... a visual artist.

a few months ago I took it upon myself to begin three different collections of work... with intentions to simultaneously work on all three at once. It has been a great exercise for my brain and has helped my racing mind calm slightly ... has been therapeutic. The Collection we will talk about this week, is the one I am currently working on, 'c h i l d r e n'.

'children' began as an idea from a sketch I quickly did after seeing an image of a bronze relic from the ancient Romans. Something in its facial expression and composition had the gaze of all of humanity. The paintings began immediately after I scratched it down in my notebook and quickly evolved to the collection it is now becoming.

My work, if you will notice, always takes it's inspiration from humanity - questioning our place in all of this, analyzing feelings that can sometimes - to me - feel foreign. With 'children' I wanted this series to embody everything I have been trying to portray in my work the last 6 years into large statement piece canvases. Around the completion of the first piece I settled on the name of the works as 'children'. It is my depiction of humanity. When we really sit back and examine the history of our species, it is easy to see we are still nothing but little children.... running around lost and confused, making the best of the world and existence we find ourselves in. With the current political fiascos and times we live in, this is more clear than ever and it can be easy to become depressed about it all and become pessimistic that perhaps our fate as a species in this universe is not a good one... I choose to believe we will grow up eventually. We will rise above our barbaric ways, and maybe in the future find a harmony with our fellow brothers and sisters. We are; The Children of God. The Children of humanity. The Children of Violence. The Children of Compassion... etc etc...

The goal was to explore the human figure - dive deeper into cubist ideals of abstraction and really pull the figures expressions to swallow the viewer into the works world, ultimately as with all the new collections I am working on, the goal is to develop myself more as a painter.

As I worked on the first piece - a literally copy of the sketch that inspired it all - I began a second. And this piece is where 'children' came alive. I painted over the first sketch copy and the pieces began to take shape into a collection. I wanted to go further with the idea and created lino prints to work on bringing these expressions into a simplistic / hard lined imagery and finally began working with sculpture to bring the current abstract study of the figure into sculptural form... something I didn't necessarily shy away from in the past, however in this collection I wanted full attention to form , shape and space to be paid to the sculptures.

There is still so much work to be done to this collection. I currently have 4 paintings completed and 2 currently on my wall, slowly being developed. The sculptures are very time consuming as well. But ... they will all be worth the time and mental agony I've put myself through for them.

It would be fantastic to see them all together in a exhibit. Very anxious to know what people see for themselves in the work - what they connect to, what feelings they evoke.

if you lie, feel free to leave comments below - let me know your thoughts about this new collection ! :)


Back to work.


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