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One of the first three new collections I have been working on for 2018 has been a little group of oil paintings titled; ' r e f l e c t i o n s ' .

The original idea for the group was simple. I wanted to expand and focus on a recurring theme of dualism that appears in my work though out all collections for the past 5 years. Also, wanting to expand on my adventure into the realm of classicalism that I first approached in the group of work from The MMXVII Collection, 'Life and Immortality'. It is also very important to note, that I in no way wish to achieve 'realism' in these works that I comment about 'classical'... it is more an ode to the genre, as the first works I learned to paint from - 23 years ago - were from all the classical greats.

Now. 'r e f l e c t i o n s'.

As The name suggests, these pieces are some what of personal reflections on emotion, events of life and just the general need for understanding of our placement in this reality.

The concept of dualism shows up in pieces such as, ''Hunt" and "Escape". . . all of which we will discuss further as the collection draws closer to being completed and available here.

For now I am in in the most difficult process of working on collections. Deciding which pieces will be excluded for the final cut. This. is. agony.

Even works, that sometimes I feel don't hold up technical or artistic merit, they are still an essential part of the story. In the past I would just allow all works to be published. But as the years pass on, I feel a need for refinement and closer inspection.

And so here we are.

A full moon.

Rain pinging on the windows of the studio, lost in a trance of escaping into this collection and keeping my mind anchored on a new concept I am developing, the 'children' collection that is wrapping up, and new commission.

I love this life.


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