A Life of Immortality

Mythology. Religions. Ancient history. Symbolism. These have always been things that have fascinated me. Last summer, while sketching random figures and scenarios, I began heavily searching for a mix of classical painting, alchemist illustrations and ancient greek pottery. At the time I had a very odd and complex feeling enveloping me. I could feel my place in time and space and my placement in my own life line. Mortality is something that not necessarily frightens me, but occupies my thoughts. Immortality would be such a lovely thing. The opportunity to observe and witness man kinds achievements and its failures. The knowledge that one could gain of spending thousands of years roaming the planet. It's a nice dream. But it could also be a nightmare I imagine. Sure, the typical thoughts come to mind; seeing loved ones perish, the loneliness that would become of your existence... but I believe the benefits would outweigh the negative aspects of an immortal life on earth.

In the series you see characters being embraced by the shadowed hand of death. In some pieces death looms side by his prey, reminding her that one day an end will too come to them, such as in this piece, "Life and Immortality No.2".

The symbolic image of the snake is heavily used in the series. My intent was that it could serve as two meanings symbolically. One the infinite and of course the snake of deception that led the first humans from the promised lands.

In the statement piece for the series, 'Life and Immortality No. 7', the snake coils around the two lovers, symbolizing love is immortal and for some fortunate people perhaps they have the opportunity to find their equals time and time again. In this life and perhaps the next.

This was probably one of my most involved and thought out series I had tried to execute. And it still remains so far a favorite of mine here in the studio. These works are currently being offered at special prices at The Etsy Shoppe. If you have been considering collecting one, now is the time.


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