As Years Expire

It’s funny how we don’t give much thought to things until they are in the past. We forget the value of moments and they slip through time. Forgetting to show the appreciation, love, happiness or whatever - to people when we have the chance.

As time elapses and fate unfolds you gain new value to those moments of the past. Reliving the memories in your mind. If only for a second being to be there once more. And if you can tune your current location in time and space out, you can almost feel and smell those memories like your there.

Remaining conscious to appreciate the here and now is almost an impossible thing to do, your mind constantly littering the moment with “what if’s”, or “I wish-es”. Maybe this is a flaw in the human conscious. Or maybe it’s just a challenge. To be forever displaced in time, in a fever of the past and nauseous of the future. And perhaps this is something that’s apart of a path of enlightenment.

Today I will choose to value each moment of the day. Recording it in my mind so I can always recall what transpired, good or bad. Save the memory for all time, in this life , the previous life and the next.


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