a certainty within anger

Updated: Apr 28

There is a certainty in the feeling of anger.

Within rage.

Within its confusion.

Or , could it also be said : Confusion itself is the spark of rage and anger....

Whatever it’s reason, the reason behind the anger, behind the rage:

It is a mask.

A protective shield.

A mask handed down to us from millions of years of evolution.

A programmed relic.

And now as a reminder that we are perhaps nothing more than a polished animal.

However, feelings such as these have no place in a civilized society.

Or is it that these very states of being are what created our civilized society?

Whatever it’s reason.

Whatever it’s purpose.

The damage it can cause is indisputable.

Can we cut it out of our life without cutting out a slice of perception?

If we did not experience anger or rage would we not be limiting our experience of life?

That is , I suppose , it is in the manner in which you execute the annihilation of anger.

Avoidance and isolation can work fine. Live in a peaceful state. Within a shell. Within a cocoon. But eventually that state returns to anger or rage... Because of all the stress and paranoia of avoiding all the things that can trigger you, you, yourself, become that very trigger.

What I have become to understand, is, that, within complete and utter acceptance and submission to life you can begin to see the anger as the mask that it is, recognize it, and, move it aside. Remaining to be conscious of your true nature.

Probably, one of the most difficult things to do.

It does not cut these emotions or states of consciousness out of you but rather... it transforms you .

Simply, accepting life : all its pains, sorrows ... joys and pleasures.

Accepting it as it is..... a brief moment.