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From The Book.xxii.005

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Sketchbook of Mark M. Mellon | Mellon Fine Art Studio

Mural Concept.

size; undetermined. multiple sizes & variations probable.

wall; matte black. preferably the blackest black. or. &. color complimentary to building and surrounding. a blend in scenery.

border; wall. deep black. signature by brush in white. or grey. undetermined.

inside border; concrete. layered. chiseled. etched. modeled face with scratched / carved in lines and gradations.

washed in color/stain; rustic. &. or. complimentary to building and surrounding area.

color then washed in areas. exposing raw concrete as highlights. deep stains in etchings and marks.

image/face; can be composed in various positions and expressions and directions. situation of area and building can determine this.

specific installations can be varied and multiple. indoors or out. indoors could see use plaster as an alternative. alternative for look / cost.

will need mock up on a small sheet of MDF board to visualize a miniature version of possibility.


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