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From The Book. xxiii:16

Updated: May 30

Sketchbook and Journal of Visual Artist, Mark M. Mellon.

A Recurring fascination with the thought of figures on punt boats has plagued me for almost the last year... perhaps longer as, I am quite certain that I have attempted this idea numerous times probably since 2018 ...

oh, well...

it doesn't mater when.

Time is a slippery thing.

The ideas never make it past the sketch book.


If they do, the canvases or panel are painted over.



I would love to see these figures on Punt Boats in some fashion within the UNTITLED Collection ....

It would even be a rather nice ending to The 'Succession of Nows' Chapter.

However, that said, the title itself is never ending... therefore.....

More dilemas.


And what about a teaspoon of density?

A spec of a neutron star.

A new thought , among several at the moment for new ideas for UNTITLED entries:

Figures with the density of a Neutron Star. . . .

How would the landscape around them look? How would they look?

So many perspectives to approach the thought...

So many Variables.



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