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From The Book. xxiii. 23

2023 Sketchbook Ink Drawings and Journal of Artist, Mark M. Mellon

A Flicker of nothingness.

An energy manifested and revealed only a few meters away from your unwavering gaze.

Orbiting within itself.

Gaze long enough and you will know madness.

And madness will know you.

Never to release you from it's event horizon.

Can one experience the phenomenon of the ignition of empty space with another?

Many claim they do.

In various contexts.

With another, I have not.

Does the writing of inquiry or the writing of experience matter?

Perhaps, more harmful than good.

The journey is arduous.

The path is broken and full of shadows.

Full of mirages and worse still, sirens.

And then, on whatever planet or dimension you may be tuning in from: Gravity has forsaken and released you.

Upwards you float.

Carry on.



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