Go into the depths.

In the darkest crevice of your mind.

In the lowest depths.

If you can hold your breathe long enough, I promise you, when you reach the surface, when you take that gasp of air, there will be truth.

Unfiltered, pure conscious truth.

Whether you can translate this truth.

Whether you can understand it: this is of no consequence.

As understanding takes only time.

And of time; never mind .

If you don’t understand it this cycle, you have a fighting chance in the next.



I urge you.

Go into the depths.

Search into the places of your mind that have been locked away.

That have been left unquestioned.

Seek out what it is that frightens you.

Seek out knowledge and question it all.

In our greatest pains and in our greatest fears, an echo of truth lay at its core.

Remain conscious.

Stay awake.

And these great demons of yourself will take your hand and lead you to the ultimate liberation.

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