What is the purpose?

Not just in the grand sense.

But, what is the purpose of what it is that each of us do on a daily basis?

What is the purpose in it?

Do you stop and wonder?

The things that you occupy your time with...

Your time :








Your life.

Slowly drifting through the stream.

The physical: slowly exhausting.

Is the purpose fulfilling?


Perhaps, none of us do.


we all wander aimless the stream of life, repeatedly swimming in the same patterns.

Over and over in the inhales and exhales of this cosmos.


Can our purpose be required for only but one brief moment in our current existence?

No matter how brief?

After which....

Then what?

Remain conscious.

Remain aware.

Of every single movement in time.

Eventually as awareness sharpens, you begin to see the beauty in the simplest of moments in time.

Occasionally the brief interludes of disconnect between body and mind become more frequent.

And then you see:

The purpose is really stupidly simple.

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