space and time travel can be weird.

Updated: Apr 28

it has been nearly a week since my return to the US.

within that, many particular feelings have been understood. and several bizarre events along the way.

welcomed at LAX by a slight detention / interrogation by homeland security as well as the added benefit to be selected for the additional pat-down thorough luggage check.

what struck me most about the return is a sense that I can not fully describe just, yet, but, almost, like an emptiness.

in the air. in people. in things.

not a negative thing or a positive.

just an emptiness.

my first few days I was shocked to discover that hearing my own in language in such bulk quantities was confusing.

after nearly 5 years living in turkey, I now feel like a foreigner in my "own land".

As we go on about our lives, I suppose we as humans have a tendency to not see what or who truly matter until it is at the final moments.

perhaps this is a good thing.

perhaps its a matter of remaining conscious about it all.