The Exodus.

Updated: Apr 28

As most may or may not know:

Five years ago, I came to turkey.

We could fall into a wormhole of mysticism if I would go into details, however, a long story short: I have always seen in my dreams and thoughts ; a feeling of a soul, a feeling that I have found in my wife. And, for whatever reason, I knew in my very core, that I could not leave her side.

Because of my wife’s visa issues to America , etc, feeling as if it was not even a choice: I stayed.

Living abroad should be something that every human, all across this globe, at least once in their lives should do. Not only can you discover something new, but also witness the sameness of humanity - no matter what the cultural difference, there is an element of oneness within us all.

I have had an amazing adventure, a journey that has not only allowed me to make new friends and discover a second family, but, has also taken me on a course of inner discovery I had not imagined was possible and altered the very core of who I am...

The thing with the journey of life, is , as I've discovered; you should never stay in the same place for too long.


Now comes the time of our exodus to the states. . . While we wait for a visa for my wife we will be apart for who knows how long. For the last five years, I have tried my best to avoid this, going by an intuition and direction set by the universe itself to remain by her side. The future became clear to me, however, and I saw to achieve what fates path has in store for both of us, we must sacrifice a little to see this. Rough Seas are ahead and we must stay focused and keep our ship steady. And to remember time is only a simple construct of illusion.

And finally:

The studio is moving back to the desert!

So much new work and so many new plans are on the way.


Good Bye Troy.

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