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~ Expression Frozen in Time ~


A Series of Oil Paintings on Canvas and Wood Panel. This Collection continues the artists search for expression in paint, tool and accidental / happenstance marks, texture and movement as well as a journey further exploring surrealism and abstracted points of meaning. UNTITLED is the second Collection in Mellon's Portfolio with a focus on Landscapes, with UNTITLED the landscapes are further studied and brought forth to the focus of the work, absorbing it's figurative elements to become one. 


This Series of works is a collection split into “chapters”. Each with an abstract narration and chronological distortion. Reflections of reaction in the echoes of the eternal ether. The environment and landscape play the role of protagonist while a continuity of figures and spirits roam the world while it spontaneously evolves. 


The pieces are a product of expression and reaction to the physical world and interpreting the results with surreal mystery and simplicity  - intertwined with a sort of fixed chaos. The narrative, a simple pretense to the enormity of time and what is beyond our realm of understanding. 


New Pieces are added to the portfolio frequently, currently.  Many of the works have already been added to Private Collections around the world. 


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