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  ~ Within Expression and Form You Reveal a Fragment of Truth Inside The Soul of Humanity. ~


Mark M. Mellon

In Studio Ten Eighteen

winter, xxvi

m e l l o n

Born in a Medium Sized Pennsylvanian Town. 

For the last 26 years, Mellon has devoted all of his time and energy into developing his craft in the arts - as many mediums and techniques of visual arts as well as explorations in sound design / art and with a very amateur and primitive attempts at animation and video editing.


Since 2000, Mellon has also invested his time and concentration with the journey of  reaching inward and outward toward the furthest  depths of inner consciousness and an attempt to understand the significance of the reality of the time span of our collective human history and to where it is going, along with a. better understanding of the mystics and ancient sciences, while applying these discoveries of humanity and self into his work.

His works are of consciousness and observation , not just of  the world around, but the the worlds unseen and the entirety of our collective history.


Subjects and themes found in his portfolios are broad and open themselves to many interpretations - allowing the viewer or collector to find their own unique bond to the imagery.  As Mellon learned early on, it is the viewer's  ( observer's ) understanding  of artwork that gives Art all it's meaning. 

In 2011 Mellon made the leap to focus on The Studio Full Time. Slowly , with aggressive marketing, perseverance, a lot of sacrifice - and, ultimately,  patience,  

he has  grown a rooted online presence and has seen his Original Art Works and Prints collected by Private and Corporate Collectors around the world. 

After living abroad from 2015 - 2019, Mellon returned to The Southwest of  North America where he lives and  works out of his home Studio.

Mellon's works are in Private, Corporate and Government Collections across the globe. His work has also been Commissioned and Published asFictional and Biographical Book Jackets , and also, on the cover of Science Journals, as well as having his work consigned for Music Album Jackets along with Commissioned to create Branding and album art / package design for multiple musicians across the world. 

Mellon has dedicated his life to his studio and to the goal of being self sufficient at seeing his works vision become the best it can be and reach as many as he can. Join him along the continuing this  journey where / when ever it may end. 

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