~ Within expressions you see a truth inside the soul of Humanity. ~



Born in a Medium Sized Pennsylvanian Town. 

From an early age, all Mellon could think of was becoming an artist and storyteller. Infatuated with the myth and lore of writers and artists from an age long since past. 

And for the last 20 years, Mellon has spent the time developing his craft as well as reaching inward toward the furthest  depths. 

Opting not to pursue art school in NY, Mellon pushed forward on his own - learning all he could from books, videos and observation. 

Along the way, he dabbled in a variety of media, discovering aspects from each medium that could eventually be fine tuned to what would become his own voice and style - to what has been best describeibed as Primitive Surrealistic Expression. 

His works are of consciousness and observations , not just of  the world around, but the the worlds unseen and the entirety of our collective history. Subjects and themes found in his portfolios are broad and open themselves to many interpretations - allowing the viewer or collector to find their own unique bond to the imagery.  As Mellon learned early on, it is the viewer's  (Observer's) understanding  of artwork that gives Art all it's meaning. 

In 2010 Mellon made the leap to focus on The Studio Full Time. Slowly , with aggressive marketing and patience he grew a sturdy online presence and has seen his Original Art Works and Prints collected by Private and Corporate Collectors around the world. 

After living abroad from 2015 - 2019, Mellon has returned to The Southwest of  North America where he works out of his home Studio with his wife and a dog named Zeus. 

Mellon's work is in Private, Corporate and Government Collections across the globe. His work has also been Commissioned and Published as Album Covers , Fictional and Biographical Book Jackets , and also, on the cover of Science Journals. 

Mark M. Mellon in The Studio
( The Desert Hideout ) 2022

Exhibitions / Collections

2011 - Present, Mellon Fine Art Gallery 

Self Representation, with Private and Corporate Collectors World Wide. 


2022, Several works from The OPUS Collection Featured on House Hunters International TV Episode, Air Date, Episode Number, TBA


2021 - 22, Artwork featured on Digital and Printed Music Albums by Esslemont. 


2021, Artwork from The MAYA Collection Featured on The Cover of EcoHealth, Vol 18, Number 1, March 2021. 


2020, Janus Sculpture Bust Image Featured on the cover of, “Genes, Medicine, Moods: A Memoir of Success and Struggle” by, Leon E. Rosenberg. 


2019, Works Acquired by The Ministry of Culture, Ankara, Turkey. 


2017, Artwork from The MORTALIS Collection Featured on Several Album Jackets from Tarok Music.