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Selections of Commissions from 2014 - Present. 

Commissioned by Private Collectors from around the world. 

Mellon takes on Commissions based on pieces from his older Portfolios or Current Portfolios of works already Sold or not, as new reimagined pieces at a larger scale. Mellon also rarely, but, on occasion takes on Commissions of Pet Portraits in a style for pet portraits, he rendered with ink and pen in 2008.

Mellon also selectively takes on Commissions for Musicians Album Art. Covers, Branding or Full Package Designs. Musicians have also licensed his artwork for Print and / or Digital Use. 


Interested in working with The Artist to commission a piece of your own? 

Interested in Licensing Art work for Digital or Printed Reproduction and / or Branding and Package Design? 

Retain The Artist Today

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