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~ Centered within the expansion of time and what is. / Searching for the door that leads to what is not.  ~


An expansive series of artwork began in 2022, containing ; Oil Paintings on Panel, Graphite and Expressive Sumi Ink Drawings on Paper, as well as Sculpture works.


And that is what makes The UNTITLED Collection so special and unique - The narrative and theme of the works allow the Series to, in a way, self replicate new ideas, new motives and new story arcs are born out of the previous. The pieces are a product of expression and reaction to both the physical and metaphysical dimensions of life,  interpreting the results with surreal mystery and simplicity.


The Series, Divided into ‘Chapters’ taking the viewer on an abstract and surreal journey through the realm between what it is we know and what it is that we do not know - and also at the same time, allowing the viewer or collector to create their own narratives and journey by mixing and matching each panel or sculptural work like a puzzle.


The UNTITLED Collection has become one of the most collected series by Mellon. A Few Earlier works from the series and other recents remain to be added to ones collection, while many have been  acquired shortly after release. 


This is currently an on going Collection. New Works added to The Portfolio as they become Available. 


New Pieces are added to the portfolio frequently, currently.  Many of the works have already been added to Private Collections around the world. 


Acquire or Reserve a Piece from this Series today. 


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