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The EXODUS Collection 

"Bust No.3" 

"Fragments of expression frozen into sculptural form... "


The latest groupings of sculptural work from Mellon Fine Art Studio are taking the inspiration from the ancient Roman and Greek Ruins and Sculptures of Troy, after living there the last five years, the 'ancient aesthetic left it's mark
This is a plaster sculpture, this bust was created with multiple layers of plaster, scrapped and carved, chipped and broken and then more plaster added.. all resulting into final design. 

About The Finishing: 
The finishing of this piece I tried something new: using multiple layers of linseed oil. A painstakingly long process of application - drying - repeat. The result is a unique antiqued color along with he plaster being sealed against the environment

The piece is signed on the bottom of the piece in black paint. 
Year Dated on bottom in Pencil as 'XX'. 

Measures: 13 x 7 x 6 Inches 
Weight: 10 lbs.


-Professionally Packaged 
-Shipping via FedEx Ground. 

What's in The Box: 
-Signed Certificate of Authinticty

EXODUS: Bust No.3

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