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The ROGUE Collection

Outcasts from other Collections, Works in Oil, Acrylic and Ink, Studies and pieces that didn't quite fit within other series. 
ROGUE was introduced in 2017 and is an on going Collection with new pieces added regularly. 

Many works display within Private Collections around the world.

This piece from ROGUE is slightly different, in the fact that it was not created in the usual, expressionistic manner, but in a methodical, planned manner. This piece is a 'sketch' of sorts, to demonstrate my idea for possible large scale indoor or outdoor mural work. Using Acrylic Modeling Paste to build up, sculpt, cut, mold into the face and expression - which on a larger scale could use vinyl wall sparkling and plaster or even concrete on a dry wall surface int he home or brick or concrete surface outdoors. 

" Faces in Stone "
Acrylic Modeling Paste, Acrylic, Oil Glazing on Wood Panel. 
8 x 10 x .5 Inches 

Signature with Date Signed in ink on the back of panel. 

Ships from Mellon Fine Art Studios Las Vegas Via USPS Priority Mail ready to Hang. 
- Professionally Packaged 
- Insured
- Ships FREE within The U.S.

For more information: Please Contact.

ROGUE: " Faces in Stone "

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