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The ROGUE Collection

~ Rogue Art Works, outcasts from other Collections ~
The Collection is a series of artworks on paper, canvas or panel, The Collection also being multi media, featuring Oil Works, Acrylic pieces, Sumi Ink Drawings and other Artworks that were not apart of a larger narrative or Collection, These works, find themselves Rogued. 
The latest additions to The ROGUE Series started in 2022, are a group of Oil Pigment Sticks, Oil Paint, Charcoal and Wax Paintings on Canvas. 

This Piece: 
"Width of a Circle, No.2"
Charcoal, Wax, Oil on Canvas. 
12 x 16 x 1.5 Inches  

This piece features no identifiable signature on the face of the canvas. 
Signed and Dated again on the back of Canvas in Graphite. 

Artwork is finished and sealed with Edges Painted Black for Display as is, without framing.


Ships Free Within The US from The Studio in Las Vegas Vegas, NV. 
-  Ships with Certificate of Authenticity. 
-  Packaged in a box 
-  Insured.
For more information: Please Contact.

ROGUE: Width of A Circle, No.2 ~ Cold Wax and Oil Pigment on Canvas

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