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'VITAE', Latin for 'Life', was a different series for me.

For this collection, it began as a process of  getting to know my then new home and life in The City of  Çanakkale (Ancient Troy), in Turkey, where I eventually lived for nearly Five Years. 

 I took a sketch book around the town, exploring different tea houses and sitting at Ferry Docks or along the sea side - or really anywhere and would draw people that I found interesting.

Continuing with my work at the time of Primitive Cubism, and also trying to find a perfecting while discovering new ways of executing a piece- much in part with the unthought obstacle of having to locate, source and find new tools that would mimic supplies and tools and paints I had been using for years... I would paint the life drawings back at a small studio I had in the City Center.

These works are all painted on canvas and have been collected by Private Collectors world wide. 

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