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Collections of Acrylic Paintings, Oil Paintings and Sculpture in The Year 2018
at The Trojan Studio in Çanakkale, Türkiye. 

shadows | Oil Paintings, sculptre and monotypes by Mark M. Mellon

s h a d o w s
oil on panel | monotypes | sculpture

Oil Portraits by Mark M. Mellon

p o r t r a i t s
oil paintings

Reflections | Oil Paintins by Mark M. Mellon

r e f l e c t i o n s 
o i l  o n  p a n e l   |  m o n o t y p e s 

Reflections | Oil Paintins by Mark M. Mellon

c  h  i  l  d  r  e  n 
acrylic on canvas  |  lino print editions  | sculpture

r   o   g   u   e 
acrylic on canvas  |  oil paintings on panel

m   y   t   h   o   s 
ink and gouache drawings on paper

s  l  e  e  p   |   d  r  e  a  m 
oil paintings | relief prints

i l l u s i o n s  of   m a n 
acrylic paintings | sculpture

place image.jpg

o   p   u   s
oil paintings 


n  o  m  a  d  s
acrylic and Charcoal  paintings 


a  n  i  m  u  s
acrylic paintings on panel | oils on canvas  

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