The Brief Moment You Were in The Dark

Tavla, or as us westerners call it, backgammon, is probably, in my opinion, one of the best games…

For relaxing.

For killing time.

Taking your mind off a problem.

And for light competition.

A game of strategy and most of all chance.

There is so much to say about this game but to express fully in words, I don’t know if I can.

This afternoon I spent some time playing a game of Tavla to get my mind off a few things.

After a night and morning of meditation, it left me lost a bit in my mind.

This happens. More often than not.

It’s like heading down into the basement of your childhood home… it’s dark down there and the only way to turn on the light is to get down there as fast as you can. . . so you run, sometimes slipping and gliding down the stairs. Reaching the switch you quickly flick it up, and give a fast glance behind you. Because in that brief moment you were in the dark, you could feel the demons breathing down your neck.

No ones there… but you can still feel it’s presence.

Now that your down there you forget why you came down. Quickly distracted by all the other exciting things that stay down in the basement… and also knowing to get back up, you have to turn that light off again.

Enough time for a demon to take hold of you.


You stay for a while.

I was able to run back up. I’ve closed the door.

Now I’m looking behind me to see if any demons came with me.


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