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Tangent : One

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

How many put so much faith and stock in schooling.

(And Governments, nations, physical identity , leaders, "religious , pious for profit mafias of christ or false gods".

Of course, particular professions and skill sets require training by professionals and professors. Of course, in particular sectors these things are required, and , if not anything but necessary.

This tangent of a thought is directed towards art, artists, art degrees, and art schools.

I see so many young 'artists' - ( although truthfully, I believe there needs to be a word coined for artist in training... those whom are working towards finding a voice and style aesthetic unique to their own unique spacial conscious identity... )

I see so many become addicted and pulled into the never ending world of schooling.

To bachelors to masters, to whatever other imaginary word that has imaginary gravity.

To then become teachers or professors - yet - all the while never really finding a voice all their own.

They repeat what they are taught to the next generation of non titled creatives.

To keep the cycle, no, to keep the industry of school and the profiting of individuals whom hold stakes in the stocks of these revered institutions.

Like the Cosmos and the infinite itself, continuously propagating itself over and over.

I see this within the non creatives as well.

Those whom know not what they have a passion in.

Those that have no clue what their purpose is.

They see school and the act of going to university, the act of getting that piece of paper, some sort of ethos of life, some kind of religion...

like self help books and seeking never ending therapist sessions to only ever reveal that ,

oh yes, you could have come to a lot of these conclusions and revelations on your own with your own mind.

Gel Ink Pen Study by Mark M. Mellon

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