The Gods Were Having a Summer Feast.


Yesterday evening, a storm gently crept into the city from the Aegean. Zeus threw his lightening, his voice echoed over the hills of ancient Troy. Yesterday evening, The gods were having a summer feast.

They laughed and shouted.

Danced and drank.

Argued and laughed.

I watched the skies last night.

This is has been a sentiment for the last few months with me. . . but I have been becoming increasingly more disenchanted with television. With electronics. With being online.

Yes. I love the internet. I believe it is one of the most important inventions that could have happened to mankind… it has made the world smaller. It has in it’s own way brought us all a little more closer together. However, I think there should be limits, yea?

Why do we need to be using these things at all hours. Every minute. Every second. While we watch television, people check their phones to watch other videos while watching videos.

It’s just all too much information.

Television, movies, I realized last night… while, I do love a good television series for its story and originality, same with movies, we as a people have become conditioned by what hollywood has wanted us to see the world. nothing is real anymore. We see actors as old friends… or family…. what?

Now I get it, yes course these things are important as well for their artistic value… but … they are stories. It is not the real.

I don’t know what I’m saying…

I guess I want to spend more time experiencing the distorted entertainment that reality itself has to offer. Life maybe too short to constantly be plugged into a pacifier.

This isn’t some rant to force people to stop doing things, or whatever.

I’m simply tired of tv and watching pointless shit online.

Last night, I watched the skies. And it was better than any season premiere that aired.


Something strange happens to you when you live in a different land.

You adapt and assimilate into local culture. This happens and you aren’t even really aware of it.

This is not what’s strange.

As you learn the language and the slang. The jokes and the friendships. You learn the way of life. You change a little bit , the person you are. The person you were sort of slips away.

This is not what’s strange.

As time goes on you begin to appreciate your old home more and more. You begin to understand just exactly how everything and everywhere are the same. That anywhere we go in this world, if you look past all the small differences between cultures and languages, we are all very much the same… the systems and the way things are done, are all very much the same (even if in some places, systems and things are done with a bit more technology)… We are all humans existing on this planet. We are all organisms wandering the globe in search of some sort of meaning. We are all carbon and atoms obeying other clusters of carbon and atoms that were spawned by more fortunate carbon and atoms.

This is not what’s strange.

I understood… or maybe, now I can say, I appreciated these ideas before I came here, now, I can say I certainly understand this. And maybe, if more people could travel this small world and experience cultures and people different from what they are used to, maybe more people could understand this. And maybe things might just be a little better… and the fact that people don’t… or can’t.. or are not allowed… this is what’s strange.

Or maybe it’s just sad.

I can’t wait for Gülce to experience my homeland. To see her face as she sees things she’s only dreamed of… This will be incredible experience for me as well.


As I sit here on the studio floor considering the construction of these next two pieces,

I had to wonder, why we as a society we accept our phones, computers, watches or whatever are so wonderful.

Because, as I'm staring at the canvas I asked Siri to open the reference photographs I took yesterday. Of course thinking that they would display in front of me, juxtaposed with the blank canvases.

I sat waiting to my disappointment that -right - It can't do that.


Then what's the point?


If anyone has played the game assasins creed or any type of game like that, if you remember the soundtrack in the background while you walk around and look for stuff, there's the sound track that has all the people in the village talking, the background noises of work, traffic, people shopping, children playing, birds, animals conversing...

Listening to all the sounds of life outside the studio window,

I see now that real life is just like that.


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