Time Travel While You Sleep


There are some days you just sleep and sleep and sleep.

Even while your standing, you sleep.

As you sit at the computer doing office work, you sleep.

While you stand and look at your work, you sleep.

I woke on the studio floor. Sort of confused as to how I got there.

The dreams were real enough. Even if I can not remember them.

The dreams were as if I was walking in my own shoes in the past… or maybe the future.

Seeing out of my own eyes in some location of time and space.

Then I return to the present.

Time travel while you sleep.

The Day has an awkward feel to it.

Perhaps sleep is what is required.


Yesterday spent filled with sleep, followed by a night of insomnia, Today has left me a bit in a haze.

A bubble.

Then at the end of the cycle of the sun, ideas come.

Until tomorrow.


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