Yesterday was Another Tuesday

Yesterday was another Tuesday:

I have been focused on brain storming. Market research and gallery scouting in the European area. I keep telling myself, while I am spending some time here in Çanakkale, it is the perfect time to find a gallery that would be a good fit for me and my work while I am so close to Europe. Of course, for the last year and a half, the chaos of life has seemed to prevent me from spending the time for this.

And, so. That is what I do now.

I came across a website, Patreon, I have heard of it before, but brushed it off. But then, I decided, like with so many things I do, why not try it… It can’t hurt.

People I think, sometimes, don’t understand just how much work goes into being an artist. It is not all painting. and having “fun”, honestly, I don’t remember the last time I had “fun” in the studio. Perhaps, thats what I need. Some fun… but.. we do all have very different perceptions on what the ideas of fun are, don’t we?

- Anyway -


There is a lot that goes into this profession.





Proposal writing.

Idea Brainstorming.

Finance Management.



Self Hating.

And then….


Not necessarily in this order.

I was brought into a conversation the other day on Facebook by an Artist from Texas that I have great respect for, a true Artist. I have at times a very difficult time finding contemporaries in my field that I can respect or accept as giving them the title, Artist, Jacinto is one of them.

The conversation was started by a quote by him:

“Sage advice to artistes: Good paintings paint themselves. Bad paintings are full of belabored ego, doubts and B.S.”

-Jacinto Guevara

It could not have come at a better time as I have recently caught myself over thinking and over analyzing my recent group of paintings I am working on.

When we try too hard, were just assholes.

Just exist.

And don’t be an asshole.


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