Panic Sets In


this has been something I am continually fighting to portray in my work... true expression.

Whether it is with the colors used... the lines or shapes. Or in literal translations of facial expressions.

Perhaps it is a slight obsession for me.

In real life, I am known to be slightly void of expression. Or sometimes people misunderstand my body expression or facial expression to be the opposite of how I am feeling.

This has always been a mystery to me... How to exist.

I have for a long time been a very independent person. Solitary.

I enjoy time to myself. I enjoy being alone.

Being in crowds is too much for me. I become overwhelmed.

Panic sets in.

In 2012 or maybe it was 2013... I began a collection of work titled, "ANIMUS", Latin for 'spirit'. They began as a way to abstractly portray expression I felt at the time or, sometimes the opposite of how I felt... to eventually becoming faces I saw in my daydreams. They evolved over the 3 or 4 years I worked on them. Starting with mixed media on paper and canvas, to eventually becoming a collection of knife paintings on wood panel. Over 150 pieces were made to this collection, they are some of my most prized works I have made. In 2016 I stopped working on them. I suppose the life that fueled them had changed.

Earlier this summer I began to work on new pieces, now calling them 'expressions'. I missed the look of palette knife work. Normally I prefer to use knife work on wood panel boards, however, in my studio here in Çanakkale, some things have become difficult to impossible to make. Simply because of shipping concerns.

So. I began to work my knife work on canvas. And this time integrating raw expression, first sketched from people I see or imagine...

I am happy I began working on these pieces.

I'll be releasing them onto The Site and Shoppe soon.

Not sure when exactly.




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