Reflecting on Sculptural Work

I began drawing at the age of 5. Maybe earlier. Always with the endeavor to be better... and mostly to be able to draw Snoopy better than my brother. During those days I always viewed painting as something unreachable... something to be afraid of. I first saw a picasso oddly enough on an episode of Muppet Babies when I was 7 or 8... kermit was an artist or something like that. I knew at that moment - that was me.

I began painting at the age of 15. Now with the endeavor to become better and paint realistically - to paint like the old master... and mostly to impress my teachers. ( I never did impress them - and for the most part was always mostly ignored by them... at least it's my perception of the memory. )

From the age of 14 is when I fully became entranced and hypnotized by artists lives and their work. At the time, I would refer to them as "real art artists". Looking everyone and everyting up in our families Encyclopedia Britanicas, finding what I could at libraries in Central Florida and later Southern Nevada.

During these investigations, sculpture was the holy grail of achievement, in my mind. The same feeling I had in my early youth - fear of painting, I had for sculpture. This would carry on for years to come. And it was something I would always shy away from.

In 2013/2014 I finally convinced myself to take it on. Assemblages of cardboard. Paper Mache. Clay. Mold Making. Concrete. Plaster. Stone. Ceramic.... I fell in love.

Now. Painting. I love painting. The colors ... the worlds created... the lives expressed on canvas or panel... but sculpture. . . it is truly my meditative medium. Something that consumes me and I get lost within it.

Over the years of experimenting, Plaster and Resin have become my favorite medium to work with, while I do love ceramic work... practicality in the studio makes it more of a luxury to create. My collection of Ceramics, "TERRA", now, all sold to private collectors, is the only series of ceramics I had the opportunity to create... hopefully I will have a chance to do more soon.

When I first set up my studio here in Çanakkale, the one thing I did not factor was the difficulty in creating sculpture. And the one thing I realized then was , just how much I love working in the medium. Fears of shipping the work from here, and also the great pains of sourcing supplies when I first came here prevented me from working in sculpture for the last two years. However, now that I have learned the ropes of this city, learned the language a bit better to successfully navigate the network of small shops, and of course thanks to some close friends, I have been able to again return to sculpture. Recently I've Finally been able to return to sculpting, being able to free my mind of the constricting thoughts and worries of " how can i ship this safely?", and "what if it costs too much?", I remembered when I first began my endeavors with sculpting nearly 5 years ago, that I simply just said "fuck it" and pushed ahead. And, so this is what I will do now.

The pieces I am currently working on, I decided to improve my techniques with plaster and also at the same time apply the skills i learned with stone carving and ceramics. So far the results have been fantastic. They are turning out to be structurally stonger and overall havea more refined "complete" look to them - all while retaining the primitive look I have always tried to portray in the work.

As with most things in the studio, I enjoy using the basics to produce art. Primitive supplies and or, traditional supplies. With sculpting I have always hated the idea of using power tools or the like to produce them. Luckily now, most supplies and tools I am using are all pieced together from a variety of little shops that work fantastically to give the looks I am aiming to achieve.


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