Migraines and Laments

I recently watched some live video by an artist that “made it” within the gallery circuses of LA and what have you. A question was posed asking if he thought location was important for an artist... meaning should one move to LA or New York or where ever its cool to be an artist currently. His answer was obviously, “yes”. But I couldn’t disagree more.

We are influenced by our environment. We are influenced by our surroundings. By the people. By the landscape. By the nature of the area. By the man made constructs that enclose us in and surround us. We are influenced by the languages we hear. By the languages we speak. We are influenced by the arguments we cause and by the drama we want no parts of.

We are influenced by the the points on earth we gaze up to the heavens. We are influenced by the atmosphere. By the gravity.

As artists the location we reside is, yes, important. But it should be everywhere and anywhere. Not limited to what the popular masses have decreed as “art hubs”. To me this type of environment only continues to create the same dialogues within the content created. As artists we should want to explore. Seek out new environments wherever they maybe. And for me personally, I find the most inspiration in places that art is the furthest thing from the collected mind of that area.

We live in a magnificent era of time where the world and humanity is just now fully becoming interconnected with each other thanks to technology. It’s taken years for it to become almost second nature to us being connected with everyone all over the world. I would hope soon , where we are in the world won’t have any meaning - as we are all on earth. . . We are all human.

We as artists should focus on the content and the messages we want to narrate - focus on the skill of our work, and most importantly focus on who we are in this world rather than where we should live to be “famous”.

I refuse to believe we need to be anywhere or do anything we don’t want.


I’ve never been cool.

I’ve always been into things before they became a fad.

I’ve always liked the opposite of anything someone would say they liked.

I’ve always said yes when others said no.

I’ve always been too early for things. And sometimes too late.

I don’t understand the need for “fitting” in. As long as I’ve been fascinated with art and artists I’ve always assumed this was the general rule. To stand out. To be your own person.

But I get it. In this world we have to fake it. Wear those masks. Be what others want you to be.

Seems so boring.





I think that is what they are? Who knows. Doctors in two countries don't have an answer. Migraine medicine helps none. Only three things have shown to help me curb the pain levels before they start. and 2 out of those aren't available where I am now.

All I know is that after the wave of pain and fire in my brain ceases I'm left feeling drained and a bit brain dead. I used to wonder if it was a sort of time travel... or effects of it. As the dreams that occur during the month long event usually involve visions of futures and pasts... those of the future, often involving my current manifestation in this realm.

Either way. The plague of these "migraines" is almost over I believe. As usual they last for a month. In some instances, two.


rambling on and on. lately I've been super - super - extremely - undeniably - embarrassingly pessimistic and so negative about things its really disgusting.

sometimes, I wish i could just take a break from art. continually researching things, work by new artists and amateurs… it puts a dark cloud over my head.

and really. enough with the frida paintings. please? in general enough with the star - celebrity tribute works. please?


enough with all that.


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