Everything is Connected.

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

~voice notes from a sunday~

if we don’t routinely inspect ourselves, how do we expect to change ?

how do we expect to become better people, better selves?

If you understand the self, you will understand more of what's around you.

The world and this reality we all interact within.

same for everything, really.

once in a while, if you dont stop and analyze the world around us. people. events. history, then the world and life itself will just pass by without fully being aware of where you’re at in it.

Self inspection…. Sometimes you go too deep, there’s no return.


Having the flu. It’s a strange thing.


its different, i suppose, if you think about it in the way that there is a bacteria or a virus, infiltrating your systems. Your host machine is in low power and burning fuel at its maximum to maintain the life inside your casing as well as combat its foreign invader.

interesting thoughts can come about when sitting and resting.

fever dreams


daytripping with disease.


you know….

it’s such strange thing.

we all think we understand moments and experiences.


not really. . . .

How can someone else know how I feel. How can another know exactly how this body perceives having a cold, or perceives anything this body experiences in life. And how can I know what anyone else is feeling or experiencing…

We assume. And we guess… but we can never really know. Nobody can really understand whats happening in our minds and our bodies.

And I suppose, if, like me, you would have problems dictating to the world your thoughts and emotions or how you feel, then another persons perception of your experience in this earth will continually be mistranslated.

Is this maybe the most troublesome thing that plagues humanity?


Translation of everything.


There's moments. . .

There's moments in time that are different from other moments in time.

There are moments that can glisten ...


And you know,

some part of your day…. or some second of your morning , when reality and the visuals or feelings or thoughts that are there within and around you in that in a singular moment, just feel more rasterized than the rest of the information cluttering your mindscape.

moments that you just have a feeling…

like for me, right now, maybe the last two weeks, its been one of these ‘moments’, an extended highlighted moment in time.

The universe telling me to pay attention.

Some clue that will string the rest of the interconnectedness of everything together. . .

And you know, I mention this now, because , as i sit here, dictating my thoughts into this recorder, I am staring out over the terra cotta clad roofs, looking through the coal smoke billowing out of the chimneys , there are two trees, swaying slowly in the autumn winds, their branches undeniably committed to a dance with each other as their dying leaves shuffle to their feet.

This moment has caused me to stop and pay attention to where I am.

And remember.

Sometimes, while living as an expat abroad, you become so accustomed to your new life that where you are simply jsut feels like home. Another day. But, there are moments like these, that let you remember just exactly where you are, and just how foreign everything around you is to what you’ve been programmed to know as “usual”. Moments like this to stop and pause for a brief time to appreciate where you are and the experiences you’ve been graciously given by the universe and fate.

Where is the next piece of the puzzle?

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