A Memory of Ignorance.

It has been quite a while since I have sat down and properly summed into simple words the context of the thoughts that have been engineering the works here at The Studio.

Life has a tendency to surprise an individual if you remain in such a state that you do not pay attention to the subtleties , or , rather the hints that it throughs your way.

Predictions of the future.

The MUTATIO Collection of Paintings began as a method to follow my personal change and growth as a painter. I did not understand, last year, when I began the project, that it would become what it has, but at the same time, I knew. I could see it coming.

This collection has brought clarity into my methods of story telling and lifted the veil of self doubt in regards to not just painting but my interaction with life and existence itself.

In Collections of the past, I have found myself sneaking in very personal and very autobiographical narrations into the folds of their stories. But, with MUTATIO, it has become something more than this. Narrations of not just personal realizations, but also throwing in political and contemporary thoughts. I feel with these works, I have finally able to bridge that gap I have struggled for so long to connect.

Humanity as a whole.

A reflection of not just our existence, but a memory of our ignorance.

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