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From The Book. xxii. 011

The image of the mother and child is littered throughout art history as well as the history of man kind itself. Some of the earliest sculpture figures and cave drawings depicting the 'mother' ,

'life giver',

'care giver'.

An image of eternal love.

Christ and Mary.

Horus and Isis.

There are dozens of others throughout mythology and history that represent the same ideal.

A sacred bond of human life, the giving of life.

I have depicted the mother and child imagery in my work countless times. In the current sketch book I have several scratches and marks for several takes on the idea, some perhaps even skewing the idea of that sacred iconography.

Experimenting with a rendition on canvas with wax and oils. Not sure where it will go, perhaps a small sub series. Perhaps I'll get the itch to keep making more. But I prefer these images to randomly appear. in moments that they are meant to be.


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