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From The Book. xxiii. 25

Sketchbook and Journal of Artist, Mark M. Mellon

Ideas that swirl and churn within the stream.

More often than not : to be be carried away out into the infinite sea of the abyss.

To be reconstituted at some point in the future for whomever.

Other times, these ideas become caught in Eddys within the current.

Cycle back again.


Sketchbook and Journal of Artist, Mark M. Mellon

Last year, possibly around this same time, I began toiling with a thought of murals.

I have in my career as an artist done several murals over the years... in every case with the so called payment of "exposure". Along with for a very very brief period I worked as a Faux Finish Artist for a very small independent company in Las Vegas, making walls look like fake marble or rock or whatever fake illusion the folks in the million + dollar homes up in the hills.


A Mural is an incredible undertaking of physical labor as well as planning - and of course - not including the research involved to translate a particular style one is currently working with to be repeated on a immensely larger scale as well as to work on surfaces that always beg not to be worked on.

For me, I was never much interested in the mural field as a dedicated focus, while (especially these days) this area of art is for what it seems, quite lucrative and popular, although it is most often the same imagery and the same technique and same style repeated over and over and over by one would think the same artist, however, no, most artist these days seem to, from my point of view, only learn the technique and the style of popularity and go from here to earn buck and earn notch on the hip scale.


Last year, I began wondering about relief sculpture as mural.

Figures and portraits creeping through the walls... plaster and compound molded and carved, chiseled and broken to bring these beings I have been crafting over the years into a larger format and a unique way of presentation.

Even better, I believe, would be to paint the pieces the same color as the walls, with antiquing applied to the figures and busts... as if, these relief sculptures are apart of the home - yet have been around for much, much longer.

Sketchbook and Journal of Artist, Mark M. Mellon


These ideas have been percolating for a while now. Perhaps, soon I will create a few small scale examples on project boards.

And let's hope to find some of them folks up there in them hills interested in murals to be willing to be a little courageous to work together to create something new and unique on that front.




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