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Laments., cont.

I have always considered the idea of 'friends' to be a very big deal. A friend from my perspective over the last 30 years has always been someone you can rely on and trust in like a brother or sister. An unbreakable bond reserved for a very select few.

All else are meerly acquaintances and supporting cast of this stage production.

It took my that same amount of time to understand my viewpoints on that subject mater are not shared by many.

People over use the term 'friend'.

An acquantance, the supporting background characters are 'friends' to many... and then many wonder why so much betrayal and drama.

And all too often the most cunning of the sharks wear the masks of brotherhood, bu tin the end you are mostly alone anyway.

I made friends with myself quite some time ago. it has been a rocky reletionship and surprisingly i turned out to be a shark to myself quite a few times along the way.

So it goes as they say...


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