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The Table

The Table


The table is eons old.

The carbon churned within the bellies of stars long since dead. Countless lives of its own before settling upon a long restful mortal life for what I hoped to be a great tree.

The table has since made peace with its cruel take down and has since taken reverence in the fact it provides other entities to sit amongst it.

Witness to So many life events big or small and sometimes keenly aware of the fates of whom ever sat upon it.


Ive sat at this table for countless centuries that I don’t even know.

Time is nothing more than the phases of light now. I debate , argue, banter and share jokes with an apparition of myself, though neither one of us want to be here yet when


if either one of us ever leave this place, there will forever be a longing to be sat at this lone table in the abyss of time.

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