About The Site. 

It is our goal and hope to make Mellon Fine Art (dot) Com the central hub of The Primitive and Surreal Art Work and Philosophies of Mark M. Mellon. 

A place where you can not only find the entire Painting and Sculpture Portfolios of Mellon but also a place to find Journal Entries, Tutorials, Art Videos and Sound Sculptures. Find Behind the scenes , in process photos and descriptions within the blog. 

Collectors and Enthusiasts can become Members of The Site on any level to gain access to The Forum and connect with other to exchange ideas and thoughts on the work or share their own displays of Mellon's work in their own home galleries. 

Artists can become members to enjoy access to Instructional videos ranging from drawing, color theory and composition  to the more philisophical aspects of art making. 

An online Store ( The Official Shoppe ) is now Available direct on The Site featuring the latest works from The Artist Available as well as Giclee Prints, Books and more! 

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Let's cut out the middle man and take back independence and freedom online - and simply be.