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s p i r i t s 

Started in 2013 with Paintings on Paper, slowly evolving over time to canvas to knife paintings on panel 

The ANIMUS Collection is a reflection of spirits that haunt our memories and our dreams. Abstracted portraits of things we can never fully see. 

In 2015, Mellon took a break from the Collection after exhibiting the works in Las Vegas.


From 2018 - 2022  Mellon Returned to the ANIMUS Abstract Portrait Work, using the new skills and experiences he's learned to breathe new life into the opus of ANIMUS.

In 2022, Mellon revived The Spirits, in Oil Pigment Sticks and Cold Wax on Canvas, briefly Titled 'MIEN'.  

Spirits Haunt The Realm once again in 2024 ~ Sumi Ink and Copper Leafed Pieces adorn this years entry into The ANIMUS Collection  ~  Perfect to add to a Collection of Spirits ~ OR ~ Any Gallery Wall. 

Find Your Spirit. 

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