A Story of 'Momentis'

The MOMENTIS Collection was a series of acrylic paintings on canvas I worked on between 2014 - with a few final pieces created in 2016 that completed the series.

I have always been fascinated by simple things. Simple moments. Some of my fondest memories in life are nothing more than simple gestures, caught in a frame of a memory. MOMENTIS, was a series meant to be this. Moments in time captured at pivotal moment in the characters lives. The characters and stories themselves were purely fictional, however, revisiting the series from time to time, I find small references and easter eggs that perhaps I installed in the work subconsciously. . . my work tends to be after all at times, my therapist.

The series was also the official mark of my move to a more refined picassoist - cubist approach to work. With the work I wanted the stories to narrate stories that everyone could find something that would relate to them. Expression in the movements of the characters, the colors, facial expressions - all intended to do one thing. Evoke life and memory in the viewer.

These are a few of my favorites from the series:

In the piece, 'The Sisters', the characters in this piece were imagined to be sisters, perhaps biological, perhaps in-laws, perhaps just close friends, we don't know this for sure. Some great tragedy has befallen on the two as the lament and console one another, we see in this moment of time the sun is either setting or rising. This can be decided by the viewer. Because either choice can lend a dramatic detail to the symbolism of the tale.

'The Fight', a large statement piece visiting a theme that reoccurs in my works over and over; dualism. The story of the piece is straight forward. A physical fight between two people, with one figure gaining and showing our human, animal like need for dominance. The conflict of the story is the mystery as with the 'losing' figure, cowering on the ground, seeking protection, we as the viewers are not positive of who indeed the true winner of this fight might be. Was there reason for the dual? Or was it just the simple animal male ego's need for power? These are the resolutions of the narrative left for the viewer.

I made two versions of this piece, the large statement work, as well as a small work on canvas - a sort of 'sketch' - if you will. Sometimes I prefer the smaller one.

The Statement piece of this currently resides with a Private Collector in Chicago.

If I had to pick one piece that embodied everything about this collection, 'The Storm' would be the work. At this time at the studio, my musical playlists were dominated by country music. Old country and that new blue-grass folk type of sounds... (actual definations of this I'm terrible at.) ... anyway... there was a song that I wish I could remember the name, the lyrics were the inspiration to this piece. Nothing much, but just one line of the song set this imagery of the character in an isolated home, while a thunderstorm shook the land. The mystery that I love in this piece is that what is she afraid of? The storm? or is there something else going on in the story we have yet to see?

I made several versions of this. Charcoal drawings, and at least three paintings. Only this large statement piece along with a smaller black and white painting survived the final edit. The statement piece currently resides in the Private Collection of one of my best collectors in Chicago. The other piece to this is also in the hands of another great Private Collector in Las Vegas.

Most of the works from this collection were acquired the first few days they were released online - which is always the best feeling - however some, including 'The Sisters' still remain available.

It should also be noted that anytime I feel in a bit of a creative rut, I always return to The MOMENTIS Collection to "find myself" again... it was a very pivotal collection for me.

Would love to know what all of you think of this work! Feel free to comment below or send me an email and start a conversation! Which piece from MOMENTIS is your favorite?


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