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Tomorrow The REFLECTIONS Collection officially becomes available for purchase on my Site and Shoppes.

A collection that has been in the works since the end of September 2017 that has retaught me how to control my patience and attention to my work.

When I first began painting 22 years ago, I taught myself the techniques of the old masters. Layers and glazes. The battle of light and dark contrasts. In this series, I wanted to revisit this technique. While, yes, there are hints of this throughout out the body of my work, however, in this series I wanted to hone it down and strip it back to its foundation. Each piece is painted with layers of glazes, each layered upon each other to produce the shading and contrast of the figures.

The work is also a deep personal reflection of good times and bad, which I believe that we all can relate to in some shape or form.

In the piece, 'Exist", the figure portrays that inner child - like innocence we have. Our egos stripped away to remind us that we simply exist - and that in itself is amazing.

'Dualality', entertains the feeling that sits within us all of a 'dark side', creeping after us from the shadows, sometimes giving us little choice but to accept it. 'Hunt', is another piece that entertains this idea; a beast, at attention while hunting for his prey.

The works have begun to be collected by long time collectors via pre purchase... it is such a great feeling when new work is acquired so fast. I hope many more will find something within these images they can relate to and display within their collections.

Be sure to comment and leave feed back of your thoughts of this work!


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