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From The Book. xxii.0016

Drawings from The Sketchbook of Painter and Sculptor, Mark M. Mellon

The call of mud and clay beckon once again. It has been years since my first Collection of Ceramic Figures and Faux Primitive Jugs and Vessels, called aptly: The TERRA Collection.

Ceramic, sculpture, molding expressions and shapes, etching in textures and the simple pleasures of mindless accidents.

The recent weeks my mind has been preoccupied with the idea of working in ceramic once more. Ideas for vessels and faces. Working out designs and shape. . . evaluating process and material in the mind before the attempt of the physical.

In the second sketch, what looks like several drawings of vaginas, are intended to be representations of a possible tray / boat like pinch pot ceramic piece. Utilizing the techniques of greek pottery, I would like to see a figure laid to rest represented int he center of the tray, on the outside, a simple geometric symbolization of life eternal... the trays / vessels ,eat to be a representation of Ships of The Dead, or the boat ones soul takes upon its journey into the long waiting night. When I first shared the sketch - I was waiting for the first comment that it looked like a vagina, and sure enough..... none the less, although , not intentional, the symbolical aspect of this happenstance is certainly perfect.

Drawings from The Sketchbook of Painter and Sculptor, Mark M. Mellon

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