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From The Book. xxiii: 1

I began my newest sketch book in November of 2022~ of which, happens to be one of the 'fancy nice ones', that I almost hardly ever use, though this one was gifted to me on my birthday last year by my daughter, it is a handmade sketchbook with cover made from recycled / repurposed leather by a independent creator out of Kentucky. It is a very nice sketch book, indeed and constructed well to handle the vigorous nature of life as a sketchbook in an artists studio. The Sketchbook is made by ReImagined by Luna and you can find more of her crafts, here.

And now, Onward to the first entry of this year in the 'From The Book' Series. Featuring pages (this year in chronological order).

Ink Drawing Sketch book, Artist Sketch book of ideas and notes.

When we say chronological order, one would imagine that the man behind the pen would be sketching in the book beginning with page one.... but, he doesn't. He opens the book to wherever and begins there. So, therefor, chronological order, in this realm means , from the beginning of the sketch book to its end. Not of time. Because, here in this home, I do not recognize time's authority.



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