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What is a substrate?

/ Substrate: NOUN - Underlying substance or layer. /

Substrate is a term used to describe the type of surface you will use for artwork. Be it canvas, wood, masonite, paper....whatever.

I know. This is a very very beginner little notation, and if you know all this, let's move on.

Over the years I have experimented with many different substrates with a variety of different media. I've come to prefer one substrate for one media over another, along with other preferences.

In this post, I'll go over two of my preferences and why and also, where to find the best deals for them.

I use two main substrates in The Studio for my oil and / or acrylic pieces; Wood Panel and Canvas.

Canvas can be a very difficult substrate to find a good balance between affordable and quality, and if your working on many pieces at a time, like I do, it is important to find that right balance. Too poor quality (cheap) of a canvas and the wood stretch bars will not last the test of time, and or , simply fall off the bars one day. As well as the canvas being so thin it is absurd that they even sell it.

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