Regarding Light and Hope.

Two Thousand and Fifteen was big year for me. In my private life and with work. In the spring of 2015, I moved into a new live/work studio, which fate also decided to be my last studio in Las Vegas. 2015 was also a year of incredible output in painting and sculpting. By the summer I had already completed several painting collections as well as a collection of about 30 ceramic sculpture pieces.

One collection that stands out the most from that year was The SPERAMUS Collection and LUX.

Up until this point I had been using mostly latin phrases or words as the title of the works and collections. One reason being, I always have - and mostly still do - maintain that my work, artwork in general, is here for the viewers... their stories that they see in the imagery or what they feel from the work... this is what creates the 'art'. and also, mostly because, at the heart of it all, I am a deeply private person. A lot of my work does contain references and mentions of events from my own life - which at times causes a conflict for me. I suppose, using the latin helped me feel as though I was hiding it all. However, in the last few years, I've become more comfortable with things. And recently find that perhaps, extra information behind the work can help others also find their own connections.

And here we are.

Speramus: Hope. and Lux: Light. I created the two collections several months apart, LUX being the first... The works were a reflection of feeling complete. Whole. But also at the same time empty and lost... lost but still connected to a positive light of fate. Speramus later was a reflection of hope... a plea, perhaps with the universe to let everything be ok.

The two collections upon reflection have a darkly comedic and prophetic value as to the events that actually unfolded and lead life to where it would happen to go. And also set me on a path to always try and be focused on the light and hope. Even when things look completely hopeless.

The Two pieces that reach out from LUX to me are:

LUX No. 1, the nude female image is used to represent vulnerability, passion and compassion set free in a bath of light.

Prophetic to me personally, as within the next few months, I would find myself free and alone... not sad, but left vulnerable and free.

LUX No. 13, ends the collection with earth colors mixed with the coldness but yet warm greys and blacks. The simple black outlines of the figures expression dictate loss and a slight defeat... but the light is slowly returning.

I am not sure a description of what this piece means needs any further explanation... however, it is my favorite piece from this collection.

Nearly every piece from this series has been added to a Private Collection. This pieces still remains available, if any one would like to acquire this piece, feel free to visit The Shoppe at Etsy and see the details.

Within SPERAMUS, The First and last pieces from the collection really speak it's entire volume.

In the first piece, "Trying to Turn on The Light", we see a figure sort of pinned to the ground by gravity, while desperately reaching against these forces to drive the darkness away.

Ending the series is, "Waiting for the Light To Turn On", we see a similar figure, now standing upright. patience and calmness extrude from the work to show the emotional evolution from the figure in the beginning to it's enlightenment, while still in the darkness, desperation and fear have left... the figure, no longer nude, it's vulnerability has been cloaked away, defiantly searching the distance.

These collections for me ended a chapter in my life and in my work.

Only now , 2 years later ~ again have I begun a new volume. After spending some time with my thoughts and reflection, the next volume to my work and it's story are now beginning to unfold.

I cant wait to see whats ahead.



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