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In 2012, when my ideas were an intensely violent tsunami and the year my technique began to resolve itself. The first evolutionary stages of what it has become today. This year also began the major themes within my work. Humanity and our beasts within. I thought a natural series of paintings to pursue would be beasts themselves. Animals. They have long seeded art throughout history, and why not contribute to this. My animals I wanted to show human expression - as it is my long standing belief that we are all apart of the same design. We are all connected to each other and to everything we see - all apart of this construct of reality that is itself the universe. I love animals very much. When confronted with the large animals we normally only see in digital or printed form, it can be quite awe inspiring. And the personalities they each bring... it is a great joy to meet them. Often times more enjoyable than fellow man.

The first year of my ANIMALIA Collection ( Latin for Animals) I approached the work in a technique and style I was very much into at the time. A rough primitive technique reminiscent of several Mexican Artists (old and new ) whom I adore - and also adding childlike features to the work, adding playfulness and emotion.

I wanted the works to be as rough and primal as possible, but also still achieving an sophisticated overall feel.

I am still happy with the works I produced in the early years of ANIMALIA. So many pieces from this collection reside with Private Collectors across the globe, often times I feel baffled that this rough look was endeared so well.

As the series unfolded, I seemed to conclude the collection in 2015 with a more refined cubist approach. These pieces happen to be my favorite from The Collection, and while reviewing them the last few weeks, I have been considering making a return to ANIMALIA, or perhaps a new collection of Animals entirely.

Here in Çanakkale, you can find alot of animals wandering around. In the villages Animals walk among people. I am toying with the idea of setting up sessions to tour around and take sketches of these local beasts... and perhaps we will see a new collection of animals.

There are still a few pieces from this collection left and available at my Etsy Shoppe, if interested in acquiring one, head that way and have a look! Or Contact me for details.

Let me know what y'all think! Would you be interested in seeing a new series of my Animals?



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